Meet Friendly Filmworks:
Hollywood Caliber Production

(Without the Attitude)

Whatever your brand needs in video production, L.A.-based Friendly Filmworks offers award-winning talent and rapid turnaround. And as our name states, we deliver with enthusiasm.

Led by filmmaker Ara Soudjian, who has 20 years of experience in film and video production, the Friendly Filmworks team includes film-school- educated directors, producers, writers, and other creative professionals. We can also help you cast the perfect actors and voiceover artists to bring your production to life.

We Tell Your Story In 120 Seconds Or Less.

Because of our quality and service, we're favored by brands of all sizes, from major record labels to Silicon Valley startups to government agencies. And since our crews are lean and efficient, we can film anywhere in the world. To date, our crews have crafted visual stories for…

  • Two mayors of Los Angeles
  • Award-winning recording artists
  • Major network pilot episodes
  • Groundbreaking tech startups
  • International fashion labels
  • America's largest transportation agency
  • Major charities helping millions
XYZ Films
Phoenix Suns
Dignity Health

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